The Rainbow Beach Victory Garden
Respect for Community. Respect for the Earth.

Welcome Back Members! Spring Has Arrived and so has our Opening Day. 

All Chicago Park District Social Distancing Rules

remain in place and will be strictly enforced.

Two time Winner of 

Chicago Excellence in Gardening Award!

2021 Season Opening

The Chicago Park District has informed the garden that we are free to open the last full week in March and we must continue to adhere to all their social distancing rules implemented last season. Access to the Garden will be in accordance to last season's social distancing rules. Returning members received information regarding their designated day in their annual letter mailed the first week in March. Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic and the prohibited gathering of large groups, our annual meeting is delayed. We anticipate being able to hold a meeting in the garden by the end of the season as the vaccine schedule allows. Officer elections will be held then. Any member who once again chooses not return for the 2021 season, will not receive a key or pay a fee but will maintain their membership and current plot. Individuals on the Garden Waiting List will be contact after April 15th. 

All returning and new members must adhere to the City of Chicago District Social Distancing Policy as well as the RBVG's Social Distancing Plan. Both are listed below. Please remember that all of the below rules are not just for your safety but for the safety of all our members. 

  • You cannot enter the garden if you or a family member are sick. Please stay home.

  • No more than ten people will be allowed in the garden at the same time.

  • You must wear a mask and gloves at all times.

  • All members will maintain six feet or more when speaking with other individuals. No convergence of groups at any time.

  • You cannot share your tools with other members.

  • Members wishing to enter the Garden for the 2021 Season must submit their Park District Waiver, Fee and Application before receiving their key. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Any member with an outstanding balance must clear their balance before receiving a key.  Members will be allowed in the garden on days designated to their numbered garden plot. Members with even numbered plot will be allowed in the garden on Mon, Wed, Fri. and Members with odd number plots will be allowed in the garden on Tues, Thurs & Sat.Members will avoid using the same pathway as another member. There are four pathways going north and south, and six pathways going east and west.​ If someone is at any of the entrance/exit gates, please maintain a

       six food distance from them until they enter or exit the garden.


Grant Award

The RBVG has been awarded a grant by the Cook County Farmers Association to be used to complete and develop more pollinator educational stations in the garden. The CCF noted in their letter that "With so many quality applications, your grant stood out by who is impacted by the program, Community enhancement by the garden, use of the grant funds." Grant funds will be used to develop other pollinator stations within the garden and use them as the learning areas. The goal of these areas is to make our garden a classroom for community school children to come and see nature at work. The project will be supervised by our master gardener Manuel Alvarez and the grant's writer and board member Olga Arias. The CCFA will visit the garden later in the season to inspect and video the project's progress. 

Respect on Display Once Again

John William

41 year member

Vida Childress

Three year member

As gardeners, our work clothes are as varied as we are individuals. What we wear when we work is not about fashion but comfort. Once again, this season, masks will be part of our gardening uniform. Members will be required to wear their masks and gloves in the garden. 

When we mask, we are not just following a Park District rule, we are practicing our humanity by respecting the health and well being our of our fellow members. Being cavalier about our health is something we can do outside the Garden gates. Within them, we are required to wear our masks. No matter if you are a long time member, recent member or board member, you must wear a mask. 

Chicago Park District  Community Gardens

The Chicago Park District is home to eighty Community Gardens. Link here to learn more about this collection of inspiring spaces

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