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The RBVG is a community of serious gardeners. Because we are a self-managed garden, our garden is governed by a set of By-Laws and Garden Maintenance Policies that all members are required to adhere to in order to maintain membership. Below are some of the rules governing our garden.

The Spirit of Gardening Shall be Respected.

Every member will be allowed to Garden safely and peacefully. 

By-Laws &

Standards and Policies

All registered gardens are subject to compliance of the Garden By-Laws and Maintenance Standards, as well as the Chgo Park District rules.  Our policies govern management of the garden and member conduct. New gardeners will have a probation period of one season before being considered for membership. Please be sure to read through the By-Laws & Standards in your membership packet. Copies of each of these documents can also be found on the information board at the west gate entrance.


Who is Allowed in the Garden?

Only members of the RBVG have access to the garden. Membership privileges are not transferable. Gate keys cannot be lent for any purpose. Visitors are allowed but must be accompanied by a registered garden member at all times. Unfortunately, furry friends such as dogs and cats are not allowed in the garden.

Plot Maintainance

No unsightly or unnatural items are allowed in garden plots. This includes concrete statues or other unapproved decorative items. Plots must be free of debris.  Storage bins are limited to medium to small in size and to only one. Plots cannot be used as storage space. If needed, you can place your labeled tools in the garden shed. Please refer to the Garden Standards for further details.


All members are required to adhere to the strict water conservation policy. Standard water timers are required and must not go beyond two hours. Watering is prohibited on and after days of rain. Weekly programmable timers are prohibited. Trench and soaker hose watering is prohibited. OVER NIGHT WATERING IS NEVER ALLOWED.

Border Requirements

In order to comply with our garden standards, borders and pathways must exist around garden plots and cannot be removed for any reason. 


Fall Clean-Up

All gardens must be cleared of summer debris by November 1st of each year. Recycling debris bins can be found outside the west garden gate entrance. Pickup is every Friday.